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Yangtze River (Melanie McCandless)
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Water, Climate, and the Environment

About the Division

Faculty and students in the Division of Water, Climate, and the Environment at The Ohio State University study a wide range of topics that address both natural processes and humankind's impact on our planet such as climate and global change, polar science, water quality and availability, coral reef health, and the impact of urbanization on the environment. We conduct research locally in Ohio and globally to as far away as the tropical Pacific, the Arctic, and Antarctica. Our program is geared towards educating and training graduate students in both professional and academic programs. Graduates from this program have pursued careers at universities, national laboratories, and in the private sector. Graduate students in the program have won numerous awards and prestigious fellowships such as the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, the U.S. EPA STAR Fellowship Program, the Ford Fellowship, and the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Fellowship.

Areas of Specialization

  • Cryosphere and Climate - Howat, Thompson
  • Environmental and Isotopic Biogeochemistry - Chin, Lower, Lyons, Costa, Grottoli
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology - Schwartz, Ibaraki, Carey, Sawyer

Division Members